I was the architect behind the Ocularis product line from OnSSI, but OnSSI has no affiliation with the blog what so ever. The thoughts presented here are mine and mine alone.

On this blog I will post occasional rant or raves.

What’s up with the “Prescienta” name?

Well – the word “Prescient” means foresight, so I added a cool “a” to make it into a name. That’s all.


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Great blog! Would you be interested in contributing to IFSEC Global.com at all? I’m the content and community manager. Would love to publish your insights and maybe even a Q&A interview?


    1. I like ACAP; basically, the AxisCanon cameras can do a hell of a lot more than what the average user wants/needs/understands. I think (not sure) that the Canon cameras are running an embedded Linux (the ACAP SDK requires a PC with Debian as far as I recall), and thus it can do a lot of the stuff that Linux offers. Moving things to the edge, is basically a great way to create a system that scales well. Each camera brings it’s own processing power, so you can have robust motion detection on thousands of cameras, and just use a cheap, low end, PC to store a map of the installation.

      Thanks for the link.

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