Oh, video surveillance industry, I have failed ye. And I apologize. I did my best.

The false prophet is constantly preaching to his obedient and subservient flock. Tail wagging, eyes wide open, listening to the dog-whistle playing tunes of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

All we can do is sit back and watch as the industry gets destroyed by consuming the vile soup consisting of equal parts arrogance and ignorance, served up by his highness.

I shall never forget the time, about 13 years ago, when a store manager asked why the hell it had to be so advanced. He fondly remembered his VCR that had a nice red button and it just worked. Plug in the camera, and you had video. It was that simple.

Pretty much anyone could install these systems. Video quality was shit and tapes wore out, but it was simple and most people could operate it. Once we moved to IP we fucked it all up. It became a nightmare to install and operate, and you had to have a degree in engineering to make sense of any of it.

In this complex world, some people are now shitting their pants over the ownership of a technology company by a government entity. Perhaps I am wrong. Maybe the encopresis is not related to the new gospel, but is a more permanent state of affairs, who knows? But I am starting to notice the smell.

We’re past reasoning here. We’re past the point where the accuser delivers the proof, instead, the accused now has to prove his innocence. Apparently, The Court of Oyer and Terminer has been established, and our present day version of  Thomas Newton presenting his evidence for all to see – “The coat is cut or torn in two ways”.

There’s a reason why, in civilized societies, the accused is not carrying the burden of proving their innocence – it’s damn near impossible to do so. Proving guilt, on the other hand, provided there is any, may be hard, but certainly not impossible. So far, I have yet to see more compelling evidence than oddly torn coats.

Perhaps the leap from analog and coax cables to IP and CAT5 is a leap too far for some people, and in the whirlwind of technobabble, they desperately grasp for something to hold on to. Perhaps in time they will find out that they are clinging to the branches of an old, but potent, poison ivy that has spread all over the garden.

I’m not willing to pass judgment on any camera manufacturer right now. I am willing to accept that people make mistakes. NASA burned up the Mars Climate Orbiter because someone at Lockheed Martin used imperial units! People “carelessly” installed software that contained OpenSSL, which in turn was vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug, and I could go on.

Maybe I am the ignorant one. Maybe I am not “connecting the dots”. I do see the dots, and I do see how someone is trying to make you connect them. But without evidence, I am not going to draw that line. I do have ample evidence that “the flock” are ignorant fools, so I am judging members of that flock by association (fairly or not 🙂 )

Sony IPELA Backdoor

Numerous sites now report that a backdoor has been found in several Sony IPELA cameras. 

You can update the firmware, but as self-proclaimed Messiah of IP video says: “Firmware is updated all the time, just like on a PC, and a backdoor could be injected at any point during this process” (I am still not sure if this is an attempt at humor or evidence of gross incompetence).

From the reddit post on the backdoor, you can find a link to a site that lists a lot of decrypted firmware files. These decrypted files are scanned for vulnerabilities just like sec-consult did.