Prism Skylabs

I like Prism Skylabs; they seem to have their shit together. It seems like a very well designed UI, and the idea – at first glance – seems to be great. Wouldn’t it be great to get feedback on your store layout strategy?

Pearson’s Law:

That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.

Unfortunately, I’ve measured my pet rock for the last 6 months to no avail. That damn thing hasn’t improved one bit.

There’s no question that Prism Skylabs can provide some interesting metrics in a very beautiful package, but I started wondering if Prism Skylabs was able to prove that using the system will increase revenue (and ultimately profit) for stores that actively use the system. I believe that most stores have pretty fine-tuned systems for correlating ads, events, placement and revenue based on years of experience (and most likely recorded video).

Maybe it’s like tracking the time it takes for me to drive through the city every day. When I get to my destination I already know if I had a good day, and if my phone told me “today it took 20% longer than usual” there’s not much I could do with that. It doesn’t make sense for me to go back to the beginning and do the run once again. I can try again tomorrow, but the next day the circumstances may have changed. And the system can’t say, for certain, that if I took another route I’d be 20% faster in the long term. It can just measure what happened on a given day, under those circumstances, and those circumstances will have changed tomorrow.

So, if you get Prism Skylabs, do you keep re-iterating and shuffling your wares around on the shelf? When do you stop? What if shuffling things around improves things in the very short term, but is counter productive on the long term (where the hell are the Twizzlers now?)

But it does look nice…


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