Breadboards and LEDs

I had forgotten the smell of an electronics store. I am not talking about Best Buy, or Radioshack, but one where you can get LEDs, resistors, wires and breadboards, where the guy behind the counter tells you that a 220 ohm resistor is suitable for the LED.

The computers I am playing with these days are very low cost (down to $5), but they have digital IOs readily available, and I must say that I am amazed the kinds of things that are available. RFID readers, 433MHz transceivers, PIR detectors, touch screens, cameras etc. And did I mention that you can play Minecraft on these things?

So today I got myself a breadboard, some LEDs and resistors, and set up my little script so that when motion is detected by a camera, the LED turns on for 5 seconds. It feels almost magical to see the little LED light up when I move in front of the cameras. Strange how this little addition somehow makes it all seem more “real”.

Most of the code for this little NVR is javascript; there is a little bit of c++ in there too, but I think I can move that to javascript in a day or so. The caveat is that this is H.264 only, but I can live with that for now.


Author: prescienta

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