Server Side Motion Detection Redux

Good grief.

A friend of mine dropped off a HikVision camera a while ago, and I had added it to my DIY NVR. Setting up the motion detection was a breeze, and so I was optimistic when I added a second camera. An older Axis Canon camera.

This camera wanted to use Java, which was problematic. In fact, neither of my 3 browsers would allow running Java – regardless of how many “I am aware of the risks, just let me do my thing” boxes I checked.

In the end, I had to ask a friend, and surprisingly I had to use IE and add the camera to the list of “compatible” sites.

So suddenly, the motivation to do server side motion detection is clear to me – it is not about using the resources optimally (most people probably realize this already, and I’ve heard that Pelco is not recommending this as well), but it’s just such a massive pain in the ass to do it.

Maybe ONVIF will make a protocol for setting up motion detection (but since there is no notion of “motion detection”, and no fixed node to poll for such an event, I am not holding my breath). I’ll just recommend using a camera with a sensible configuration interface.


Author: prescienta

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