I Hate Email Auto Replies

Email auto replies annoy me to no end. Say I have an urgent issue with my account at the local bank. I write a detailed email describing the problem, and hit send. 2 seconds later I get an email. Full of lies.

“I am on vacation, I have limited access to email, please contact someone else”

I get it. You are on vacation, it means that you are not going to look at my email, and I don’t expect you to (enjoy your vacation), but why do you have to lie about your email access?

You also placed the burden of keeping you all “in the loop” on me. Say I decide to re-send the email to this other poor schmuck, do I have to tell the original recipient that I reached out to a second person? If I decide that I can wait, should I let the original person know that I will wait patiently for a response (and get yet another auto reply?)

One idea that I might entertain is a more intelligent autoreply system:

Thank you for your email,

I am currently on vacation, so if this is an urgent matter, and you’d like someone else to handle this email, just click the link below


I’ll deal with abuse of HTML formatting in email signatures at some other time.


Author: prescienta

Prescientas ruler

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