Someone Tried To Hack Our Server

My wife runs a few blogs. Since I have a small server in our house, I suggested we host one of the blogs ourselves. After a few quiet months, she suddenly saw a huge spike in traffic. Initially she was excited, but then she got suspicious. All the hits came from the same user, and as the hits just kept climbing all through the day, she reached out to her resident nerd.

A quick look at the log files revealed that someone was hitting an admin login page over and over. Every 20 seconds or so, there was a new request. I am pretty sure a brute force attack was being executed from some server, just going through common passwords, one by one. I placed a band aid on the server, and told my wife not to worry. But she did worry. She felt responsible for someone trying to break into our server. But that’s the internet for you. It’s a slum with no cops. Every 5 minutes you can hear someone trying to pick your lock, and they will keep trying over and over, every 20 seconds. And in a few weeks someone else will try.


Design is About Intent

Regular readers know that I have written about this problem before, I wholeheartedly agree with John R. Moran on his observation

Delegating is by far the most subtle, pernicious, and widespread of the three evasions, particularly among tech companies. Under the guise of being “user-driven” or providing “choice,” delegators leave crucial design decisions up to the user

Design Is About Intent