Resolutions Named After Utensils

ImageOK, bad joke.. It’s too far of a stretch.

I don’t know why we are throwing away one of the dimensions when we talk about imagers. I was quite happy to know just get the pixel count. 10MP resolution – great – that’s twice as many pixels as a 5MP camera. Easy. I never, ever, felt that talking about camera resolutions in abbreviations instead of the # of pixels. Is 4CIF better than CIF or better than SIF? To figure this out, I (because I am dumb) will need to look up what the hell SCIF actually means. Don’t get me wrong – i know that when we talk about 1080p it is implied that we are talking about a 1920 x 1080 image. So the “1080” part comes from the vertical resolution. Now we have 4K, but the 4K now describes the horizontal resolution (3840 × 2160). We could just call it 2MP and 8MP and folks would (hopefully) grasp that there are 4 times as many pixels in 4K as in 1080p, or – if people just LOVE the weird CIF/SIF names – we can also call it UHD, and then sit and wait for 8K/FUHD. This sort of inconsistent naming and using meaningless abbreviations drive me (even more) insane.

I am sure there’s some rationale that I just don’t get.




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2 thoughts on “Resolutions Named After Utensils”

  1. I suppose that when you order parts to assemble a camera, 4K means something very specific. There are some formats that have non-quadratic pixels, and some describe a 16:9 aspect while others use a 4:3 (and there quite a few other sizes out there). In those cases “an 8Mpixel sensor” is too vague.

    It’s obviously not the end of the world, but to me, as an engineer, it’s annoying to see inconsistencies like the ones we see here.

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