Who works at Microsoft?

Steve Balmer – here’s a way to save a lot of money. Get rid of the WPF team today. Oh, you already did kill WPF? Well, did you get rid of the geniuses who designed it? No?

As I was happily coding away, I decided I needed to host a control in a ScrollViewer rather than a grid. Once I did that, I realized that Mouse Down events no longer propagated to my callback. Turns out that ScrollViewer is severely retarded and does not really perform as the other controls. The MouseLeftButtonDown is there, but does it do anything. No. It doesn’t do anything. I just sits there. Stupidly.

Real, 2012-type, drag and drop UI stuff requires you to jump through hoops. Most of them completely illogical, because some part of the team thought that up really meant down, and that left was right.

If you are considering WPF, please re-consider right now. While WPF is a fun toy, it’s design flaws means that you will be spending too much time on things that you (rightfully) would assume were simple.


Author: prescienta

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