Small Improvements to Ocularis Administrator

You can skip this semi-commercial plug, you have been warned!

In the view designer we added a control that allows you to create on-the-fly search filters. The way it works is that you can enter a wildcard, and then store that wildcard for future use. Sounds lame, but it works pretty good.

Imagine you have a list of cameras named like so :

  • Courtyard South
  • Courtyard North
  • Entrance South
  • Entrance North

As you type – say Courtyard – the list will be filtered to have just cameras that matches that string. Now, you don’t want to enter that string over and over again, so you can click “store”, and you’ve instantly created a filter group. If you then, later, rename or add a camera and the camera contains the word “courtyard”, you will be able to find it in your filter group.

Here’s a little video of the feature in use (in a very small system)


The match is a simple wildcard match. One might think that Regex would be a much better offering. Regex not only offers matching, but also parsing of strings into match groups. We use Regex internally to parse video URI’s etc, because we need the different parts of the string (http://, localhost, 80, /Server1 for example). For most (not all) users regex would simply make the experience quite frustrating and error prone.

As an example of a regular expression, here’s how you match a dotted IP.



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