Manual Gain Control on the Client

Another day, another experiment.

A question was brought up on one of the LinkedIn forums that I follow. I am no fan of Automatic Gain Control (AGC) as it is implemented today (I’m no fan of a lot of things it seems). The reason is that it seems to me that a lot of AGC implementations are pretty naive implementations that just multiply each pixel by a value determined by averaging the frame. I have not come across a system that will allow you to apply a different gain value to different parts of the frame.

AGC introduces a lot of noise into the frame. This in turn causes a) the compression to go to shit, and b) wreaks havoc on the motion detection. A lot of customers will pretty much be recording noise all night.

So why not do it on the client application?

Here’s a quick example I cooked up. I am using a couple of soft-buttons and since we are using the GPU for rendering the video, the cost of doing the multiplication is almost zero (the GPU was built for this sort of thing, so why not use it?)

Nothing fancy.


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