Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth

Did you ever watch “Kitchen Nightmares”?

There’s something exciting about seeing Gordon Ramsey walk into a crazy dysfunctional restaurant and in a matter of weeks put the establishment back on track. Gordon Ramsey is a sort of restaurant Guru; as far as I can tell, he knows his shit. Not only does he know how to cook, but he also identifies the underlying management problems that usually plague these places.

It is tempting to believe that the world is full of Gordon Ramsey’s in all kinds of different areas. Truth is, there aren’t that many around, and when you bring in a buffoon, who fancies himself to be another Gordon Ramsey, things quickly go to hell in a hand-basket. Oftentimes, management wants to believe that this guy is going to be the white knight, who (magically) puts things back on track.

But to the team, the ones who cut the carrots, fry the chicken and prepare the desserts, it is just another chef and just another opinion, another way to cook the salmon, and another 4 items on the menu. When there are 50 items on the menu, it is hard for a small team to cook all 50 to perfection. Instead, you have NO dishes that are prepared well. Adding another 4 or 5 items to the menu is not going to change that. When people are prevented from doing a good job (because they need to know 50 dishes), they become disgruntled, and I doubt there is anything worse for a restaurant than a disgruntled kitchen team.

Imagine if Gordon Ramsey was a horrible chef, and had a long string of terrible failed restaurants behind him. Do you think the show would be worth watching? Would the kitchen staff have any respect for the new chefs advice?

I doubt it.


Author: prescienta

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