Is the iPhone Passé?

iPhone is totally uncool

I think so; recently I was at a semi-fancy restaurant sitting next to a “happening” couple. Both of them absorbed by  their iPhones, one white, one black. Later I went to a coffee shop, around the table I sat 3 girls were prominently flashing their Apple accessories.

To me, carrying an iPhone is a statement of conformity, a signal that you are just following the herd. Yes, the iPhone is gorgeous, but the beauty fades when you need to cradle the precious thing in a metal or plastic casing because the back gets scratched like a bumper on UWS, and in just about the same time too.

On top of all that comes the shackles of Steve Jobs. Such pretty shackles, but shackles nonetheless. How about installing Firefox on your iPhone? Nope, what about Issuu’s extremely cool online reader? Nope, but (albeit for a short period of time) you can have an app that “cures gayness”!??!

Naturally, my wife has the iPhone4, and my old 1st gen iPhone gets me some recognition amongst the fauxhemians as being one of the few who were on the bandwagon before the iPhone became totally uncool.

(yes, Vimeo is much cooler than YouTube too)