IP Camera RTSP

If camera manufacturers could agree on keeping the RTSP URI the same, then we’d have come a long way. In the meantime, soleratec has a nice table of RTSP URLs.



Author: prescienta

Prescientas ruler

3 thoughts on “IP Camera RTSP”

  1. Morten, nice find. How about a public web service that accepts a camera make/model/IP address as input and outputs the RTSP URL? 🙂 Seems like a “cloudy” way to improve the state-of-the-art in systems integration.

  2. Trust me, this has been rummaging in the back of my mind for ages. A central repository where camera manufacturers (or just nerds) enter the URI’s, and then the VMS will just go there once in a while and update the pool. Perhaps the table can downloaded as XML and brought into the VMS via a USB stick (as some systems are shielded from the outside).

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