Axis’ Corridor Layout

Axis presented their corridor idea recently. I like it. But you don’t need a special camera as you can simply mount any camera on a 90 degree angle, and then have the client rotate the video when displaying it.

As we have a pretty powerful video rendering engine I thought I would give it a whirl.

This is just a concept demo, but it shows the principle I think. Around 30 seconds into the video I start changing the feed in the rotated pane. The pane really does not care where the feed comes from, it will rotate it 90 (while keeping the correct aspect).

The issues here is that the layout needs to restrict the selection of cameras sent to a rotated viewport to only cameras that are marked as “corridor”, but as I said – this is just a conceptual demo.


Rotating video is “free” in terms of CPU cycles if a) you have a GPU and b) the code utilizes the GPU. Some clients will use the GPU as a “dumb” framebuffer, in which case the CPU will taxed with the burden of rotating the video, instead of letting the GPU do it (for free). Such a design  is like having a 5.7L Hemi V8 in the front, while driving around in 1st gear all the time. The GPU can perform other functions too – color space conversion for example.


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