Web Rings

Remember those? I once dabbled in Console Emulation. The way to get ROMs and emulators was not Google, no sire; The Google was not invented back when granddaddy was young. Instead we relied on web-rings. Nowadays its all SEO “magicians” trying to trick the search engines into putting whichever site on top (must be like selling toilet paper).

I stumbled across a web-ring when I revisited a pinball emulator, and I needed to pust a blurb.


Author: prescienta

Prescientas ruler

2 thoughts on “Web Rings”

  1. LOL

    The BLINK TAG !! Marc Andreesens contribution to HTML 🙂

    A good friend of mine and I were messing around with HTML back in the day, and as I was making a few IMG tags my friend suggested we set up a web-design shop. My response was that HTML was so easy that everyone would be doing it by themselves; no-one would ever hire a company to do it, and we left it at that!

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