Abusiness.dk Screwed Me Over

A while back I received a reminder that I owed abusiness.dk around 50 bucks for a web hotel. I paid right away, but soon received another letter from them. Confused I sent them an email and asked for clarification on the issue, I attached the bank-receipt and soon received a response stating that I owed them nothing.

Wonderful I thought, pretty easy.

Today I received a bill of almost 200 bucks from a collection agency on behalf of Abusiness.dk. I was baffled, and tried calling abusiness.dk right away. Naturally their office was closed, so I wrote them an email. Luckily their accountant responded later that night. Turns out I had 2 accounts with them and that only the one account had been paid in full. When I inquired the first time, on account A, they cleared account B. Leaving account A still in arrears. Since they sent me an email stating that I owed them nothing on account A I had no reason to think that things were not OK. I was not aware that I had 2 accounts, and neither were they.

Strangely, Abusiness.dk feels that when sending reminders all you need to know is “receipt no”. I would assume that an ISP would at least add the domain names to their correspondence. This is not possible I am told. I was supposed to match up the receipt numbers and realize that the numbers did not match. The fact that my name appears on both accounts and that the address is the same does not ring any bells. That I write them with the domain for one account and they tell me that THAT account is paid in full, and then 2 days later they send me a reminder on the SAME account is somehow my fault.

The wonderful thing is that the person I am communicating with seems to understand the absurdity of it. But to paraphrase the obnoxious woman in “Little Britain” – it as simple as “computer says no”. Its the sort of mentality that I simply do not understand. I have been a loyal client with Abusiness.dk for many years, I would probably have recommended them to others, but reducing people to “talking machines” means that Abusiness.dk is losing a client, revenue, and they will have this post online to taint their reputation forever (or until WordPress start charging).

Abusiness does not offer anything that you can’t get cheaper elsewhere (Web10 is the one we use from now on). I’d just steer clear of them.


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