Plenoptics? Anyone?

Adobe is messing around with plenoptic lenses that allow for some pretty cool modifications of a still shot to take place.

I surveillance we want EVERYTHING to be razor sharp, always, so this is probably more for entertainment. But I am left wondering how this differs from just recording a video sequence, letting the DOF travel from far to near, and then picking the one you like later. To me (because I am a little naive) what they’ve done is to re-arrange a sequence into one frame. Obviously there is no difference in time (temporal aliasing?) with the plenoptic system; the “frame” that was shot with far DOF is recorded at the exact same time as the one where DOF is near. But to accomplish this, you need a new lenticular lens and possibly a different aperture too.

The original story here (they also posted the “lets enhance” video 🙂 )


Author: prescienta

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