Stop Crap Shooting, Blindfolded, In The Dark

Most people add some sort of tracker to their website. It allows you to monitor the performance of your posts, your geographical reach, what articles made a splash and so on. You instinctively know that you need to measure, if you want to know where to focus your attention. Talking to people is one way of “measuring”, but it is notoriously unreliable; an old saying is that “people bitch about the stuff they use”. So when people “just love the new feature” it usually means they are not using it.

Eqatec is a tracker for .NET applications, which works almost like Google analytics for web-pages. There are privacy concerns, off course, and for our vertical it is even more sensitive. But for beta-testing this is simply a must (naturally client consent is mandatory), it takes a lot of the guesswork and – frankly – BS – out of the equation. The beta testers provide valuable input, but unless the input is anchored in REAL use, the input is meaningless. Some people will balk at the notion of being tracked (yet use google on a daily basis), while others see no problem at all. I am probably in the latter group. In fact my radio-listening habits are being monitored almost 24/7 (all death-metal all the time 😉 ). The polling agency ASKS, but also measures what I am listening to – let’s see if the two match up.

Linkage made a great video about it. See it here.


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