New Twitter

Lovely Video, Lovely Layout…

You can make some pretty awesome interfaces with modern CSS, which is why locking us down to IE is a bad idea. IE is keeping us from awesomeness, and if it does, we should ditch it. I am sure that when the wheel was invented, there were people arguing that the bigger market was with “whatever we had before”, and therefore we should keep catering to them. I disagree.


Author: prescienta

Prescientas ruler

2 thoughts on “New Twitter”

  1. Took a look at IE9.0. It was a terrible experience, and I went back to chrome straightaway. Yes, it is a beta, but the default is to make the address/search field microscopic and that just did not work for me.

    I went to some HTML5 pages and it was another disappointment.

    Seems as if chrome, safari, firefox all support MJPEG server push, not sure if IE9.0 still does not support it, but I guess I need to check again.

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