Keep Your Mouth Shut!

Microsoft presents Office on Windows Mobile 7


….until the product is ready for launch.

A poor Apple employee lost a phone*, and the world lost their collective mind. Microsoft does not have that problem, because they will yank out every single experiment and present it as “almost ready”. In some cases the “product” demonstration is staged, and is simply a video (same thing happened with the PS3 by the way.

The video below shows Windows 7 Mobile – but it is not the real thing. I am fairly confident that the real experience will be vastly different (choppy wipes, plenty of hesitation and inaccurate control), so I wonder why Microsoft insists on setting themselves up for dissapointment once the real devices are available in the shops.

If Microsoft can pull this off then my next phone would be sporting a Microsoft OS (otherwise a nice Android phone will be prominently displayed on my desktop)

*I don’t believe it was a PR stunt – contrary to popular belief, even Apple employees can make mistakes.

Author: prescienta

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