Back from Hades

A couple of holidays and bang! the flu hits you like a hammer. Ouch. But I am recovering and getting back into the game (kindly passing the virus on to my sweet wife 😉 )

Apple released the iPhone 4.0 SDK to developers yesterday. Lots of nice features in there. In keeping with the Apple tradition they will release a product that lacks “obvious” features completely, only to add them when they have the correct solution. Multitasking is a great example (like Copy-Paste before it) – you look at the solution, then you scratch your head thinking – “Now why did the others not come up with THAT!?”

But the Apple-mania is starting to get on my nerves to be honest. The iPad is supposed to “change the world” and revolutionize the printing press. Well, to me it’s an oversized iPhone with less functionality. To me it’s really more of a fashion statement or an expensive widget than anything else. If people read – I mean really read – books, they already have a Kindle; people who buy iPads are not going to suddenly start chewing through “Moby Dick”, when the videos of urinating monkeys can be summoned in mere seconds at the click of a virtual button.

Apple is also engaging in open warfare against poor old Adobe Systems. Adobe created this system to convert flash into native code for the iPhone, thus bypassing Apples refusal to put Flash on the iPhone (which would KILL the app store). This workaround was halted with the new SDK terms.

Apparently the gauntlet has also been dropped when it comes to Google. iAds is now on it’s way, and all the gaming industry must be shivering now that there is also a GameCenter in there.

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