3D Eyecandy

Ocularis does 3D


Ocularis has some hidden “gems”; One is the layout command called “box”, swing by http://sdk.onssi.com and find the docs for LoadLayoutFromString. Somewhere in there, you will find a description of the experimental feature called “box:”

string layout =
vport: 0, 0.000, 0.000, 0.500, 0.500
vport: 1, 0.500, 0.000, 1.000, 0.500
vport: 2, 0.000, 0.500, 0.500, 1.000
vport: 3, 0.500, 0.500, 1.000, 1.000
salvo: 0,0,0,NetDVMS://UserName:Password@[Axis 223M] Camera 1
salvo: 1,0,0,NetDVMS://UserName:Password@[Axis 214] Camera 1
salvo: 2,0,0,NetDVMS://UserName:Password@[Axis 215] Camera 1
salvo: 3,0,0,NetDVMS://UserName:Password@[Axis 231] Camera 1


You need 4 viewports and a salvo for each ( the term salvo is prob. misleading, but you get the idea ), and the end result is pretty cool. This could be used at trade-shows or for in-store displays I believe.

3D using the BOX command

Author: prescienta

Prescientas ruler

2 thoughts on “3D Eyecandy”

  1. this is extreemly cool. i worked with loadlayoutfromstring() many times but i never find this. I will this tomorrow.

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