Win 7, broken as ever!

At least on 64 bit.

Changed from Vista 64 to Win 7 because Vista 64 kept screwing up the NTFS tables (Knoppix sometimes was able to help out, where the expensive, for profit, POS software fails).

Installed Win 7, VPN no longer works (no warning, but you’ll learn after having waited 3 hours to install the idiot OS). Video Drivers went AWOL, got new ones though the wonderful wizard, now I have a nice error message every time i boot.

Icons that “lead nowhere” give you the helpful error message “The parameter is incorrect” – I am sure that little 5 year old Asian kid knows the significance of THAT message.

Forget Microsoft, and stick with the Snow Leopard – this Windows 7 is a piece of feces.

An example of the attention to detail in Windows 7:


Update : Win7 has been playing nicer than Vista since i installed it (no NTFS problems)


Author: prescienta

Prescientas ruler

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